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Whether you like green, white or black trainers we have a nice selection of mens designer trainers to choose from, with all the top brands available at bargain basement prices ChoomKa is the place for mens black trainers. Don’t forget to visit again as we update daily with new offers and discounts including tons of new black trainers.

Paul Smith Osmo Trainers(25)

March 24, 2011

Big discounts on menswear…
more detailspaul smith Osmo Trainers only £60 – Paul Smith Black Trainers Amazing Deals this item by Paul Smith really is an marvellous bargain at just 60 – a wonderful offer on beautiful Black Trainers. The Paul Smith Osmo Trainers can be found in a collection of sizes and will be a [...]

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Lacoste SPM Trainers

lacoste SPM Trainers only £31 – Upto 40% off Lacoste Black Trainers this item by Lacoste genuinely is an marvellous deal at just 31 – a wonderful offer on beautiful Black Trainers. The Lacoste SPM Trainers can be purchased in a selection of sizes and would be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Lacoste Mens [...]

Black Henri Llyod Trainers

Among our top selling Black Trainers the Black Henri Llyod Trainers has an beautiful look that will certainly be a ideal fit. Just 32.5 this item by Henri Llyod is undoubtedly one of our best deals. Black Henri Llyod Trainers only £32.5 – Mens Henri Llyod Black Trainers only available at

Henri Lloyd Mens [...]

Mens Paul Smith Trainers

It’s not often that you get a deal similar to this on a paul smith clothing, but the Mens Paul Smith Trainers is only 54 which is amazingly cheap. These Black Trainers are certain to be an excellent addition to your range. Mens Paul Smith Trainers only £54 – Paul Smith Black Trainers Fast Delivery. [...]

Adidas Originals Black Trainers

The adidas Originals Black Trainers provides you with an remarkable item of garments that is durable for the stylish dude. Adidas Originals Black Trainers only £45 – Adidas Black Trainers Fast Delivery. A good Adidas Black Trainers that will certainly look remarkable on you and you’ll get it for just 45.

Adidas Originals Mens Sl72 [...]

Black Velcro Trainers

For the ultimate in men’s clothing go for Henri Llyod these people have a wonderful collection of Black Trainers and the Black Velcro Trainers is not any different, made available from merely 32.5 the Black Velcro Trainers only £32.5 – Mens Cheap Henri Llyod Black Trainers is here to stay at

Henri Lloyd Mens [...]

Paul Smith Black Trainers

It isn’t often that you will get a offer like this on a paul smith clothing, but the Paul Smith Black Trainers is only 60 which is extremely cheap. These Black Trainers are sure to be an outstanding accessory to your range. Paul Smith Black Trainers only £60 – Paul Smith Black Trainers For Men. [...]

Black Adidas Trainers

Undoubtedly one of our top selling Black Trainers the Black adidas Trainers has an beautiful look that is sure to be a perfect fit. At merely 50 this product by Adidas is among our greatest deals. Black Adidas Trainers only £50 – Adidas Black Trainers Amazing Deals only obtainable at

Adidas Originals Mens Zx500 [...]

Black Adidas Sambas

The black adidas sambas presents remarkable affordability and is amongst our best Adidas bargains, this black trainers is for the forward thinking man who likes to put on excellent things. At only 60 it is amongst our best prices, that you won’t find elsewhere online… Take a look at it below.

Adidas Originals Mens Samba Black [...]

Puma French Black and Green Leather Trainers

The puma French 77 collection is street wear that embodies the personality and style of the Vilas era of tennis, this very retro set of black leather trainers combines a synthetic sole for ultimate durability. They feature the puma logo on the tongue although I think they would look alot better with a contrasting pair [...]

Adidas Black and Navy Suede Trainers

Add a touch of class and elegance to your feet with these funky black and gold suede trainers. Designed by adidas these trainers feature some nifty styling details, the combination of black and gold is nicely done and it they would go great with the popular Adidas trefoil hoodie. Love the feeling of suede? Then [...]

Lacoste Black with Red Leather Trainers

lacoste are well known for their mens trainers, usually I am not a fan because the designs are to simplistic but this pair of black trainers is very different from your usual Lacoste. The infusion of read and white with the black leather gives these trainers a nice edge and the elegant curves give them [...]

Nike Court Black and Red Leather Trainers

The combination of black leather and red stitching goes well on these nike black trainers, featuring a big Nike swoosh stitched in red on the side. If youre looking for a stylish yet functional pair of black designer trainers that won't break the bank then these ones by Nike would be ideal, wear them with [...]

Puma Clyde Black Suede Trainers

If black suede trainers are youre thing then you are going to love the Puma Clydes, simple and affordable at under 40 quid these black trainers are a bargain. The heritage of the Puma Clyde goes back to the 1970s when New York Basketball hero and style icon Walt Clyde Fraser's signature shoe became so famous.

Cruyff Bergkamp Black Leather Trainers

Trendy, stylish and endorsed by Dennis Bergkamp these black trainers come from the football legend that is Johan Cruyff. Tired of the same old style of black trainers? Then these beauties feature a black suede trim at the toe and ankle, the rest is designed in genuine black leather. The Dennis Bergkamp signature is prominently [...]

Adidas Gazelle Black and White Leather Trainers

If youre over 25 you will probably have seen or heard of the adidas Gazelle trainers, these black and white mens trainers have been sold in various forms for as long as I can remember. The thing I personally love about these black trainers is the simple mix of colours and the fact that you [...]

Adidas Goodyear Racer Black and White Leather Trainers

A sleek and stylish trainer design is what you would expect from adidas, but these Goodyear Adidas leather trainers are especially well designed, almost futuristic looking with their aerodynamic type shape which is inspired by F1 motor racing. The trainers still feature the 3 stripes we all have come to to love from Adidas.

Adidas Goodyear [...]

Fred Perry Crossfire Black Velcro Leather Trainers

Want a simple of simple and functional black trainers? Then why not have a look at these affordable fred perry black leather trainers. They feature 3 Velcro fastenings instead of laces. Styled in all black these trainers would be perfect for any occasion, wear them casually with jeans and or formally with trousers. If your [...]

Nike Capri Black and Light Grey Leather Trainers

The nike Capri trainers are a bit retro but the style is undeniable, the chunky white laces give a good contrast to the black leather with grey material trimming. Obviously these black trainers feature the traditional Nike swoosh on the sole and the side of the trainer. If you want a pair of trainers that [...]

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