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Smart Casual Clothing for Men

Whether it's the winter, summer or spring you always need something smart or casual to wear, going to the pub? Shove on some of these smart designer clothes and you are sure to look the part. Whatever you're looking for we have a fantastic range of smart casual wear that will look good all the [...]

Mens Black Hoodies

Black is a timeless colour, it goes with everything and never goes out of fashion. Sure it can be boring and in the heat it can be a nightmare but if you're looking for a hoodie that will go with everything in your wardrobe then get a black hoodie.

Mens Blue Checked Shirts

This new season Dustin Ink Blue Check Shirt is perfect for the good weather. This slim fitting shirt will cling to your body and impress those around you. With button fastening for ease, this cool check blue is stylish and bright. firetrap Shirts Specifications: With a chest pocket for any needs you may have, this awesome top [...]

Mens White Polo Shirts

The new mens firetrap Rainbow Polo T-Shirt comes in a fresh clean white which can be worn with many different outfits. The multicoloured collar and cuffs give the shirt an eye-catching appeal which is sure to get you noticed. firetrap Polo Shirts Specifications: It features the classic firetrap print on the chest which is printed in black, [...]

Brown Polo T Shirts

The latest addition to the firetrap summer range is the Mens Rainbow Fennel Polo T-Shirt. This comes in array of different colours however this one comes in a casual brown. A lot can be for this T-shirt, and it has numerous features which are highly stylish. firetrap Polo Shirts Specifications: These features include the button fastening neck, [...]

Firetrap Blue Check Shirts

If you are the kind of guy who wants to be noticed this summer with minimum effort then get you hands on this firetrap Mens Dustin Ash Blue Check Shirt. The awesome collaboration of the colours in the chequered design is perfect and the top itself is ideal for a variety of occasions such as [...]

Blue Striped Shirts

The design of this firetrap Mens Eastwood Stone Blue Striped Shirt is simple yet very effective and it is this reason that these crinkle type shirts have become so popular over the last few years. They portray that sense of independent choice and will have the constant ability to make you stand out from the [...]

Short Sleeved T Shirts

Check out this new Mens Pathcrew White T-Shirt from firetrap. The design is of the simplest form which is perfect for casual events and for everyday use. The contrasting black print on the front is highly noticeable and advertises the brand in a subtle manner. firetrap Polo Shirts Specifications: The simplistic approach of using a single primary [...]

Check Firetrap Shirts

The Mens Tunnel Ink Blue Shirt comes with an amazingly unique checked design on the front of the shirt and includes the signature Tunnel Ink appeal. Very trendy and the use of the contrasting colours gives the shirt character and definition which makes it stand out from the rest. firetrap Shirts Specifications: Features include the Funnel [...]

Mens Firetrap Black T Shirts

The mens Stompin Black T-Shirt is a cool and sophisticated black t shirt with awesome front pringt embroidered detail. Made from 100% cotton for the perfect comfort, this impressive top is designed as slim fit for the perfect ease. firetrap Polo Shirts Specifications: With a round neck and cool small print on the sleeve, this t-shirt radiates [...]

Grey Firetrap T Shirts

Going for a night out on the town and fancy a casual yet stylish top? The Pathcrew Rock Grey T-shirt is an impressive black top that is designed in a slim fit so that it clings to your body perfectly. firetrap Polo Shirts Specifications: With a round neck and rubberised front print, this stylish top is perfect [...]

Mens Firetrap Straight Jeans

The simple design of these firetrap Mens Rom Gen Regular Straight Rinse Blue Denim jeans has the ability to portray the wearer with a sense of presence. The jeans come with bronze coloured contrasting stitching which adds to that stand out effect of these awesome new trousers which have character and definition. firetrap Jeans Specifications: In [...]

White Striped Shirts

For a brand new shirt, this fabulous new season Sum Bone White Striped Shirt is a must buy for any cool guy. With branded button fastening and cool shoulder epaulettes with button detail, this shirt radiates style. ted baker Shirts Specifications: With a cool front logo and two front branded pockets for all your everyday needs, this [...]

White Firetrap Jumpers

If shirts are not your cup of tea why not check out this alternative - the firetrap Mens Universal Ecru V-Neck Jumper Knit. As it is lightly coloured and comes in a beautiful lightweight weave it is perfect for the summer worn alone or with an under layer. firetrap Cardigans Specifications: This super slick knit from firetrap [...]

Mens Firetrap T Shirts

Welcome the new firetrap Mens Holdem Rock Grey T-Shirt. Simplistic in nature however this fantastic top is extremely versatile and can be combined with your existing clothes to create a truly fascinating appeal. The V-neck design and snug fit is great for flaunting and will certainly turn more than just the odd head. firetrap Polo Shirts [...]

Grey Polo Shirts

Brace yourself for a colour explosion with this firetrap Mens Rainbow Marl Grey Polo T-Shirt. The collar and cuffs are multi-coloured, hence the name rainbow, and collaborate remarkably well with the originality of the T-shirt. firetrap Polo Shirts Specifications: The clever thought design of this classic top brings out that original appeal which is sometimes hard to [...]

Mens Grey Shirts

This highly desired firetrap Mens Vision Shirt is the must have piece of clothing for those long summer nights. The clever thought design of this classic top brings out that original appeal which is sometimes hard to find in this day and age. firetrap Shirts Specifications: It has the ability to demonstrate a smart casual appeal [...]

Mens Firetrap Knitted Cardigan

The firetrap Mens Bang Ink Grey Knit has this sense of curiosity with it and its unique appeal is making it a massive hit this summer. The sleek shape and slim design are great for flaunting and with this on, you deserve to. firetrap Cardigans Specifications: Made with 100% cotton, this shirt holds its shape remarkably well [...]

Mens Blue Long Sleeve Shirts

Amongst our best selling Shirts the Mens Blue Long Sleeve Shirts has an eye-catching look that will certainly be a perfect fit. At just 62 this item by firetrap is undoubtedly one of our very best deals. Mens Blue Long Sleeve Shirts only £62 - Upto 40% off Firetrap Shirts only obtainable at Firetrap [...]

White Firetrap Shirts

For a top quality Shirts you have to select firetrap... This White Firetrap Shirts for only 56 is a perfect illustration of the incredible quality at awesome prices on offer at White Firetrap Shirts only £56 - Mens Cheap Firetrap Shirts Firetrap Shirts Specifications: For only 56 you can purchase this great White Firetrap Shirts [...]

White Mens Polo Shirts

For a top quality Polo Shirts you have to pick firetrap... This White Mens Polo Shirts for just 15 is a prime demonstration of the astonishing value at amazing prices on offer at White Mens Polo Shirts only £15 - Firetrap Polo Shirts Fast Delivery Firetrap Polo Shirts Specifications: If you want a cool Polo [...]

Firetrap The Shamen Mens Shirt

Sometimes we are limited solely by our imaginations, but when we give ourselves permission we are capable of reaching great heights. firetrap The Shamen Shirt dares you to reach for your dreams. Spread your wings and take to the sky in this 100% cotton button down short sleeve shirt. The Firetrap [...]

Firetrap Fugitive Beige Mens Designer Jacket

If you want pockets and hoods firetrap has you covered. Whether you just like the look or you need the space the Firetrap beige fugitive hood sweat shirt has 5 front pockets; 3 large and 2 small, each with grip closures. The shirt has a full zipper, short turtle neck inner collar with [...]

Mens Firetrap White Robster Short Sleeve Shirt

The future is all about innovation and firetrap fashions are all about the future. When you want to wear a white button up shirt with a turn down collar, trade the buttons for snaps and step into style with the Firetrap Robster White Shirt. This short sleeve shirt has twin zipper chest pockets [...]

Firetrap Must Have Brown Short Sleeve Shirt

A golden ray of sun bouncing off the brown trunk of an ancient oak is subtle beauty found in nature. The firetrap Vangohgo Must Brown Shirt is subtle style found in mens fashion. The warm tones of the brown, yellow and white plaid work with the intricate stitch patterns and classic shape for this [...]

Firetrap Charcoal Mens Designer Shirt

The future has arrived with another firetrap innovation. The Firetrap Robster Charcoal Shirt breaks a few rules and makes brand new ones. From a distance the shirt is a short sleeved, button up shirt with a turn down collar, but when you get closer you discover this is no ordinary shirt. Firetrap [...]

Home Fashion & Design

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