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Mens Black Hoodies

Black is a timeless colour, it goes with everything and never goes out of fashion. Sure it can be boring and in the heat it can be a nightmare but if you're looking for a hoodie that will go with everything in your wardrobe then get a black hoodie.

Smart Casual Clothing for Men

Whether it's the winter, summer or spring you always need something smart or casual to wear, going to the pub? Shove on some of these smart designer clothes and you are sure to look the part. Whatever you're looking for we have a fantastic range of smart casual wear that will look good all the [...]

Grey Firetrap T Shirts

Going for a night out on the town and fancy a casual yet stylish top? The Pathcrew Rock Grey T-shirt is an impressive black top that is designed in a slim fit so that it clings to your body perfectly. Firetrap Mens Pathcrew Rock Grey T-shirt£22.00- Checkout our Discount Codes firetrap Polo Shirts Specifications: With a round neck [...]

Mens Firetrap Straight Jeans

The simple design of these firetrap Mens Rom Gen Regular Straight Rinse Blue Denim jeans has the ability to portray the wearer with a sense of presence. The jeans come with bronze coloured contrasting stitching which adds to that stand out effect of these awesome new trousers which have character and definition. Firetrap Mens Rom [...]

Mens Firetrap T Shirts

Welcome the new firetrap Mens Holdem Rock Grey T-Shirt. Simplistic in nature however this fantastic top is extremely versatile and can be combined with your existing clothes to create a truly fascinating appeal. The V-neck design and snug fit is great for flaunting and will certainly turn more than just the odd head. Firetrap Mens Holdem [...]

Mens Regular Firetrap Jeans

The faded bleach effect of these casual new firetrap Mens Rom Gen Regular Straight Wreston Blue Denim jeans is subtle yet effective. It projects that laid back image which is ideally suited for many different aspects of your busy life. Firetrap Mens Rom Gen Regular Straight Wreston Blue Denim Jeans£67.00- Checkout our Discount Codes firetrap Jeans [...]

Firetrap Vexlar Jeans

Denim doesn’t have to be boring. With a wealth of well-placed details, these eye-catching jeans transcend the ordinary without trying too hard. From the creative minds behind cutting-edge British design house firetrap, this Vexlar jean is offered in a sophisticated shade of dark distressed denim. Angled front pockets allow for easy access to your billfold [...]

Mens Firetrap Thatcher Blue Jeans

You know the old joke, how do you put on a pair of pants? One leg at a time. Thats true of most pants, but when you put on a pair of firetrap Blue Thatcher jeans you might just stop a minute and appreciate the great quality and comfortable fit. These jeans are [...]

Firetrap Mens Designer Blue Zephyr Jeans

There are a few things in life you can count on, like a faithful dog, a true friend, and a pair of firetrap jeans. Life can throw you curve balls every time you turn around, but a good pair of jeans will always be there when you need them. The Firetrap Blue Zephyr [...]

Firetrap Mens Straight Fit Kore MK1 Black Jeans

A good pair of jeans can be a lot like a good friend. They last for many years and sometimes go through challenging times but always keep going. Both good friends and good jeans fit and sometime during the day they probably make you smile. The firetrap Blue Kore Straight MK1 Jeans [...]

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