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ChoomKa is a big site and has hundreds of products featured from over a dozen of the UK's best men's fashion stores. I am sure you can understand collecting and organising all this information can be tricky.

Sometimes things can go wrong, don't worry though as we are always here to help if you have any questions or just need some advice.

Firstly check if your answer is below, if not contact us here.

The product price on your site is different from when I buy it:
This can happen as the fashion stores change their prices as they get new items in and as demand for a certain product goes up and down. We try to keep the prices updated but sadly some just slip through.

How do I view the discount codes?
You have to be a member, the page isn't visible to regular visitors. It's free and easy to sign up, and you could win £100 voucher. Click here for more information.

Why do I have to login to leave comments and share posts?
To stop spam and automated bots from leaving nasty messages, viruses and spyware on the site. You can signin with your Twitter, Facebook, Googe and Yahoo account this will ensure you login is safe and your information will reside safely on their servers.

What will you do with the information you collect on this site?
Please refer to our privacy policy.

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If you have anymore questions please use the comment form below, this page will be updated from time to time so check back for more Q&A's.

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