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Puma French Black and Green Leather Trainers

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click hereThe puma French 77 collection is street wear that embodies the personality and style of the Vilas era of tennis, this very retro set of black leather trainers combines a synthetic sole for ultimate durability. They feature the puma logo on the tongue although I think they would look [...]

Puma Clyde Black Suede Trainers

If black suede trainers are youre thing then you are going to love the Puma Clydes, simple and affordable at under 40 quid these black trainers are a bargain. The heritage of the Puma Clyde goes back to the 1970s when New York Basketball hero and style icon Walt Clyde Fraser's signature shoe became so famous.

Puma Style A White Leather Trainers

A puma has many names. Its known as a cougar, a panther or a mountain lion. It is known for its speed, grace and strength. A puma is also a shoe brand known for speed, style and durability. Now you can wear the cat and move with the speed of a [...]

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