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Mens Pink Polo Shirts

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Go back 20 years and there were not many men who would have dared to wear a pink polo shirt, but we are now in the 21st century and people have realised, it's just a colour! So go on get in touch with your "feminine" side and brighten up your day with one of these vibrant pink polo shirts.

Coming from major brands like lacoste, lyle and scott, two stoned and we even through in a trendy pink shirt from zanerobe, just incase none of our pink polo shirts tickled your fancy.

Big discounts on menswear... more details

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  1. I'm just barely finding out Mr.George got the pink slip too!! >:c

  2. Tip voor iedereen die nieuwsgierig is. Kijk zondag 10-4-2011 naar BusinessClass (Harry Mens)

  3. lol. who seen the Been Had Polo video on youtube?

  4. Ahhaha christel is een mooi mens. Ze zegt: grappig dit. Allebei n jongen van bijna n jaar jonger, allebei donker& we zijn allebei hot chicks

  5. Gee Maggi was on a roll!!!
    Pink is my all time favorite color so this should be easy but it's not... Lets see...
    ...Maiden Pink...
    ...Pink Cusp...
    ...Pinky Swear...
    ...Tiddly Wink Pink...
    ...Color me Pink...
    ...Extra Extra Pink all about it...
    ...Pink Cheeks...
    ...TaTa pink...

  6. You can check historic SEARS catalogs - pink used to be the popular boys clothing colour, blue predominant for girls.

  7. o silenzio assenzio come li piglio li sfilo le costole dio porco

  8. Flaunt your team spirit wearing these NCAA cufflinks. Silver plated. Officially licensed product of NCAA.

  9. To the person who did a line of coke and weed in the mens bathroom: thank you.” <3 College.

  10. V-Neck thats Polo...grilled up like Ocho

  11. I want a beach cruise all pink n white .... I'm over gas n driving altogether

  12. Sooo Thiss 'Country time pink lemonade' powder is from 2006 o_O! SHIT tastes good though!

  13. Go to MinorLeagueFootballNews for Mens AA/AAA weekly Top 20 rankings.

  14. we was outside but polo walked in the house to take a shit...

  15. This dude just had on the mens ugg boots! They look just like the polo boots!

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