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evisu are well known for their premium brand jeans but what you may not have known is they also design some very cool mens trainers. These Evisu trainers are not for the traditional man, instead if you're looking for something funky, unique and bold then these mens evisu trainers are for you.

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Since these mens trainers are designed by Evisu you can be sure of their quality. But it's not just about quality, it's about style, comfort and of course price! Starting At only £35 these mens evisu trainers offer tremendous value for money without skimping on the quality or style.

Whatever style of mens trainers you are looking for Evisu probably has it, from denim to just plain white trainers. Don't forget to checkout the rest of our mens designer trainers and of course our full range of evisu clothing for men including shirts, trainers and belts.

With these Evisu trainers starting at only £35 there is something for every budget, although my clear favourite are the Fujitaka style at £50 (I prefer the Olive style to the plain white ones), which are your favourite Evisu trainers?

Evisu are a fashion forward colourful brand, their unique styles won't be found on any other designer brand, so if you'r looking for a pair of mens trainers with some flair then choose Evisu trainers.

We currently have a sale on all Evisu trainers with prices starting at just £24.75! These items won't be around for long, simply click the button below to view our latest range of Evisu trainers, available in a range of colours and styles.

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