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Looking for a new mens hoodie by your favourite designer? Short on cash but still want a stylish hoodie? Then we have put together a collection of cheap designer hoodies for men, all of them under £50. Including mens hoodies from Religion, UCLA, Humor, Gio Goi and Ringspun.

Each of these designer hoodies are available in a wide variety of colours and sizes. Don't fancy any of the cheap hoodies below? then why not have a look at the rest of our mens designer hoodies, we have a huge selection and it updates almost everyday.

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  1. Men's designer hoodies I think are for the young men only. They look sort of 'out of place' on a more mature man.

    Also, hoodies are not that warm. They are great for stopping hair from flying out of place but most of them don't offer a lot of warmth for the head.

    But on a young man ~ who cares? So long as they look fashionable and the guys feel 'up to the mark' and in fashion and feel good about themselves, then a hoodie is definitely good for them. :-)

    Just my two-cents worth!

  2. " It's really amazing when you see your designs on the streets" Italo Zucchelli for calvin klein mens collection

  3. i like buying/wearing mens clothes, i should of been a guy

  4. Good choice. HTML+CSS are absolute necessities. As a designer, everything else will involve working with them.

  5. Thanks, everyone. I'm still more than a little high from the experience, even with all the sad that's come after.

    Kendall-- I love that your grandmother has the same excellent crown as Miss Aretha ... and that Daybreak recognized it. How lovely that people were hugging strangers on the street!

    Tisha-- I really wish I'd bought one of those hoodies!

  6. The best designer, very great, see you

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  8. Want a walk in wardrobe full of designer clothes :(

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  10. I Love Hip Hop,Hoodies, black.

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  15. Hahah were like 6 girls camped out with blankets and hoodies. Oh and Ben too (:

  16. Ja. Ik ben een slecht mens. Definitely.

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  18. Is YG still selling the military hoodies 2NE1 wore on their 박수 쳐 MV?

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