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Voi have been becoming more popular in recent years and a relative new comer in the mens fashion world (1988) and their first season launch was a tremendous success.

Well known for their swirly logo voi jeans most popular items include polo shirts, knits and of course jeans. Starting from just £15 we have some great bargains on voi clothing including a selection of polo shirts and cheap voi jeans.

Below we have listed our 8 most popular cheap voi jeans clothing, all under £50! Don't forget  we update our voi jeans clothing with new items and offers as we find them, so be sure to check back.

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  3. te voi pure fa pagà mo? :O

  4. No, commando in jeans is never a good idea. And being at a gay club might make it worse

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  10. Learned 1 thing yest ... Never ever tell a Girl that "Jeans" dont suits her

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  15. Sooo u just aint gon neva wash those jeans huh?

  16. "You'd be surprised how expensive it is to look this cheap" - Steven Tyler

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  18. profe no le voi a mentir .. balacearon mi tarea XD wujakawujaka

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