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Mens Grey T Shirts

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This typical g-star raw Mens Gordan Grainy Grey Marl T-Shirt comes in a skinny fit design which is ideal if you are the kind of guy who likes to flaunt. The grey colour of the shirt is highly versatile with many other garments and a variety of occasions.

g-star Polo Shirts Specifications:

The T-shirt comes with the standard G-star raw prints and stitching, making sure that people can instantly recognise the brand. The simplistic approach of using a single primary colour is perfect for portraying a sense of tranquillity and curiosity for the wearer of this shirt. It has character, definition and is guaranteed to turn more than just the odd head.

  • Sizes: Various available
  • Price: £32
  • Brand: g-star
  • Garment: Polo Shirts
  • Delivery: 1-3 Days
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