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Mens Dr Martens Black Industrial Boots

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dr martens are always in demand because quality never goes out of style. These black Industrial Safety boots are made to take abuse. The boots feature a reinforced steel toe cap that is impact resistant up to 200 Joules with crushing protection to 15,000 Newtons; in other words, these are some super-tough works books that will keep your feet safe even under extreme conditions. The boot features a steel midsole for support and protection, as well as a slip-resistant tread. Featuring lace-up construction with 5 sets of grommets and 4 lace rings, these boots can be adjusted to fit securely. The rugged sole and heavy-duty construction are Dr Martens hallmarks. These boots will perform well and outlast lesser brands.

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Dr Martens Boots Specifications:

An anti-static, slip resistant Saftey Boot with a Steel Toe Cap and Mid Sole, with impact protection of 200 joules

  • Sizes: various mens sizes
  • Price: £54.95
  • Brand: Dr Martens
  • Garment: Boots
  • Delivery: 1-3 Days
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