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G Star Blue Brace Jeans

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If you are sick fed up with the same old boring featureless jeans, then why not take a look at these new crackers from g-star Raw. The Mens General 5620 Blue Brace Denim Jeans come with unique features which pay tribute to how much effort and determination has gone into creating such a splendid and highly stylish pair of denims.

g-star Jeans Specifications:

Made from 100% cotton, the slim fit design of these valuable new denims make them perfect for flaunting you manly assets in a controlled yet robust manner without overdoing it. They are extremely trendy and portray that casual appeal which is ideal as they can be worn for number of different occasions.

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  • Sizes: Various available
  • Price: £95
  • Brand: g-star
  • Garment: Jeans
  • Delivery: 1-3 Days
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