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Ringspun Mens Gaiden T Shirt

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Men who like attracting attention will certainly do so with Ringspuns Gaiden T-shirt. The background of the shirt is plain black but features a striking image in gray and silver that calls to mind an angry mythological war god. This mental imagery is enhanced with the addition of the two swords lying across one another beneath the image of the face. There is noticeable metal detail on the shirt that would really make the wearer stand out. The ringspun logo is present on the back of the shirt near the collar along with a similarly striking but smaller image. This would be a great shirt to wear for going out on the weekends.

Big discounts on menswear... more details

Ringspun T Shirts Specifications:

Black Ringspun Gaiden T-shirt by Ringspun Clothing. Large Ringpsun print to front with diamante, felt and metal design detailing. Ringspun branding to chest and rear. Ringspun pin to hem. Fabric and button detailing to shoulders. This Ringspun Mens T-shirt is made from 100% Cotton.

  • Sizes: Large
  • Price: £35
  • Brand: Ringspun
  • Garment: T Shirts
  • Delivery: 1-3 Days
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