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Pepe Mens Hoxton White T Shirt

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The simplistic approach of using a single bold and distinctive jet black colour for the print on a white background of this new PEPE Mens Hoxton White T-Shirt top demonstrates a sense of dominance for the wearer of this knit. It has character, definition and is guaranteed to please all. In this case the simplicity is the key to impress. This fabulous design brings out the originality of shirt yet also conveys a smart casual appeal that is perfect for many different purposes such as nights out or laid back social events. Made from genuine 100% cotton for a comfy and snug fit.

pepe jeans T Shirts Specifications:

PEPE Mens Hoxton White T-Shirt. Black printed design creates that contrast effect, made from 100% cotton.

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  • Sizes: various available
  • Price: £24
  • Brand: Pepe jeans
  • Garment: T Shirts
  • Delivery: 1-3 Days
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